Looking to Sell Your Car in NJ or NYC?

If you already own and are thinking about leasing a new car, you likely want to consider selling your current vehicle to help with the financing process. At Perfect Car Lease, we don’t just lease cars, we’ll also help you sell your existing car for top dollar in New York or New Jersey. Just bring us your car and get a full-scale appraisal, then we will help you secure a great price for your used vehicle.

Why Sell Your Car With Perfect Car Lease?

Trying to take your car to a dealer for a trade in usually means taking a price hit of something like 60% of the car’s true value. There’s really no avoiding this from most dealers, but not from Perfect Car Lease. We want to get you in a new lease and we believe that the best way to do it is to either help you sell your car in NYC or to offer fair, top value for your trade in. Take a look at a few guarantees from our team when you opt to sell your car online with us:
  • We don’t charge hidden processing or listing fees
  • We never devalue your car
  • We connect you to thousands of buyers
  • We’ll list and process on your behalf
The convenience of being able to sell your car and lease new all under one roof provides value no other dealer can match.

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Our Price Match Guarantee ensures we match or beat any auto lease price.

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