Completing a Lease Transfer in New York or New Jersey

Leasing certainly offers far more flexibility than buying in most cases, but many leasers are under the impression that once you sign a contract, there’s no getting out of your lease. This is simply not the case! In fact, there are a number of options available to lease drivers when it comes to ending your lease early; the most popular of which is transferring your lease to someone else. Likewise, if a standard lease period is too long for your comfort, you can opt to take over another driver’s remaining lease.

Transfer Your Lease to Someone Else

No matter what your reason for wanting to end your lease early, transferring your lease can be a great way to get out of an established contract without having to face potentially hefty early termination fees. At Perfect Car Lease, we can help you match up with another driver looking to take over a short term lease for a very small fee, potentially saving you thousands!

Take Over a Lease

If a standard lease term seems like more of a commitment than you want, you have the option to take over another driver’s remaining lease. While this route may slightly limit the selection of leases available to you, it can also give you an easy option to drive a late model car for a great price without a long contract. The team at Perfect Car Lease is highly experienced in helping drivers find short-term and inherited leases, and can help you find a car you love now.

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