Fast Lease Returns in New York

One of the trickiest parts of leasing a car in New York and New Jersey is knowing your ins and outs when it comes to returning your lease. While some dealers love to charge massive return fees for even the simplest mistake or miscommunication, we believe you should know all the facts before you drive off in your new lease. We also believe avoiding fees should be simpler and easier than most dealerships make it!

Fees and How to Avoid Them

Unfortunately leasing does come with potential fees that are simply necessary to protect our business and other drivers. These include things like early return fees, vehicular damage fees, or excess mileage fees. While we work hard to communicate these risks to you and mitigate them when they happen, these infractions do in fact devalue vehicles so we have to enforce them. The good news: if you take care of your lease and return it on time, you’ll have no fees to worry about with Perfect Car Lease!

Lease Return Options

Damage and mileage overages rarely surprise people when fees are mentioned, but early returns are a trickier process. There are however a number of options available to drivers looking to return leases early in New York such as transferring your lease to another driver or buying the car outright and selling to cover remaining lease fees. Talk to our experienced team who can help you determine the best route for early lease termination.

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